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Scientific Committee


Martin Robinson

Stress, Trauma, and Related Conditions (STARC) Research Centre in the Queen’s University Belfast School of Psychology

Martin is currently a Research Fellow in the Stress, Trauma, and Related Conditions (STARC)


Cherie Armour

Queens University Belfast, Northern Ireland

Cherie Armour is a Professor of Psychological Trauma and Mental Health in the School of Psychology at


Maria Böttche

Freie Universität Berlin, Germany

Maria Böttche, PhD, is a registered psychotherapist and postdoctoral researcher at the division of


Ateka Contractor

University of North Texas, USA

Dr. Ateka Contractor is an Assistant Professor at University of North Texas.


Aida Dias

University of Coimbra, Portugal

Aida is Psychologist and researcher at the Centro de Trauma, CES. She studied the transmission of


Michael Duffy

Queen's University Belfast, Northern Ireland

Michael Duffy is a Cognitive Psychotherapist specialising in PTSD and complex grief and Director of


Julian Ford

University of Connecticut School of Medicine, USA

Julian D. Ford, Ph.D., A.B.P.P. is a board certified clinical psychologist and Professor of Psychiatry


Talya Greene

University of Haifa, Israel

Dr. Talya Greene is a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Community Mental Health at the University


Rachel Hiller

University of Bath, United Kingdom

Dr Rachel Hiller is a clinical psychologist and lecturer (assistant professor) at the University of Bath,


Karen-Inge Karstoft

The Danish Veterans Centre, Denmark

Dr. Karen-Inge Karstoft is a senior researcher at the Danish Veterans Centre.


Joanne Mouthaan

Leiden University - Faculty of Social Sciences, Netherlands

Dr. Joanne Mouthaan is senior assistant professor and educational coordinator at the clinical psychology department at Leiden University.


Dominic Murphy

Combat Stress, Northern Ireland

Dr Dominic Murphy is the Head of Research at Combat Stress and an Honorary Senior Clinical


Miranda Olff

Amsterdam UMC & ARQ National Psychotrauma Centre

Professor Dr. Miranda Olff is leading the Centre for Psychological Trauma at the department of


Neil Roberts

Cardiff & Vale University Health Board, Wales

Neil Roberts is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist with Cardiff & Vale University Health Board and an


Dmytro Snisar

UASOPTE, Ukraine

Psychologist, Psychotherapist works as a head of research for NGO "Mental Health Service - Association


Siri Thoresen

Norwegian Centre for Violence and Traumatic Stress Studies

Siri Thoresen is a clinical psychologist, a research professor at the Norwegian Center for Violence


Elena Acquarini

The University of Urbino, Italy

Biography to follow


Filip Arnberg

Uppsala University, Sweden

Filip K. Arnberg is a Clinical Psychologist and Associate Professor of Clinical Psychology at the


Brock Chisholm

Trauma Treatment International, United Kingdom

Dr Brock Chisholm is a Clinical Psychologist who specializes in working with people affected by


María Crespo

Complutense University of Madrid, Spain

María Crespo is Ph.D, Clinical Psychologist and Full Professor of Behavior Therapy and Clinical


Małgorzata Dragan

University of Warsaw, Poland

Małgorzata Dragan, Ph.D., habil., is an assistant professor at the University of Warsaw, Faculty of


Erika Felix

University of California, Santa Barbara, USA

Erika Felix is an Associate Professor of Clinical Psychology at the University of California, Santa


Neil Greenberg

Kings College London, United Kingdom

Professor Neil Greenberg is a consultant academic, occupational and forensic psychiatrist based


Maj Hansen

University of Southern Denmark, Denmark

Maj Hansen is an Associate Professor and head of the research group THRIVE at the Department


Jana Javakhishvili

Ilia State University, Georgia

Jana (Darejan) Javakhishvili, PhD, is a Director of the Institute of Addiction Studies at the Ilia


Melissa Milanak

The Medical University of South Carolina, USA

Dr. Melissa E. Milanak is a licensed clinical psychologist and Associate Professor in the Sleep &


Ciaran Mulholland

Queen's University Belfast, Northern Ireland

Ciaran Mulholland is a Consultant Psychiatrist and a Senior Lecturer in Psychiatry at Queen's


Meaghan O'Donnell

The University of Melbourne, Australia

Meaghan O'Donnell is the Head of Research at the Phoenix Australia, Centre for Posttraumatic Mental


Don Rhichardson

St. Joseph's Operational Stress Injury (OSI) Clinic, Canada

Dr. Richardson is consultant psychiatrist and Medical Director of the St. Joseph's Operational Stress


Soraya Seedat

Stellenbosch University Cape Town, South Africa

Soraya Seedat is a Distinguished Professor of Psychiatry and Executive Head of the Department


Aleksandra Stevanovic

University of Rijeka, Croatia

Aleksandra Stevanovic is a Postdoctoral researcher and assistant teacher at University of

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